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I cover a very wide range of clients, from consultancy for the multinational to complete website solutions for small businesses.

Clients are in various business sectors including Event Management, Property, Film, Sailing, Architecture, Shipping, Church, Retail, Charity and IT, please see:
Links to live client sites.

The websites I have designed have been very successful in meeting their goals and have received their due in acclaim surprisingly quickly.

As well as those directly involved, I am very pleased to have been passed complimentry remarks from the people that really matter - the end users.

If you would like to know more about these and other clients, please contact me.

I was so impressed with Nisida's website that I contacted Peter to discuss crewing even if I hadn't met him before.

First of all let me reiterate how impressed I am with your work ... in the meantime I will, of course, be recommending you to anyone who asks...

I am very pleased with the finished product as it is clear, easy and interesting to read, with many photos.
Its style reflects how we do like to do business.

I am very pleased with the finished product as it is clear, easy and interesting to read, with many photos.
Its style reflects how we do like to do business.

You have yours (a client's website) up and running whereas I am still at the planning stage!

As for the site, it looks great!! Great idea to combine all of your services onto one site rather then many different addresses people have to remember. The layout looks good and I like the use of pictures illustrating the different sections. It definitely adds colour and avoids the usual bland shipping websites and yet still looks very professional. I am sure you are very pleased with it too!


You build bloody excellent web sites. I am really very happy with it and really pleased that we came to you in the first place .................................well worth it Martin.

it is fabulous - so user-friendly and comprehensive - I am so mightily impressed!

All of us at Kids Kidney Research would like to thank you for creating such a wonderful website for our charity. The design is clear and attractive, the layout means that it is easy to navigate through the website and access all of the available information. We have received many compliments from our visitors.

We find it easy to administer the website, which means we are able to update the content on a regular basis (daily sometimes!). This is important to us for a number of reasons - firstly it allows us to thank our supoporters individually, something on which we pride opurselves. Secondly, it means that the website is fresh and exciting, and that there is always new content for our regular visitors. As a result more people are finding the charity (our daily hit rate continues to climb), and more people are supporting us. Finaly thanks to your design we are able to position ourselves at the top of Google searches....hugely positive impact on a charity run by volunteers, none of whom have a background in IT.

Thanks to Martin, the look and feel of my website has improved dramatically. Many of my clients, and people looking up the information have complimented me on the improvements which means it has all been worthwhile! I had some ideas about how the site should look, and Martin was able to listen carefully, make further suggestions and come up with a solution which I can update myself! I am delighted with the results!

Thanks Martin! You're a star, that was really fast!

People tell me my website makes my business look far more extensive.
That's what we were aiming to do!   

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