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Firewalls and Security

We have our own our security experts who can advise you on many of the aspects of internet security.

We offer penetration testing, load testing and functional testing, e-mail servers and virus detection.


I can supply (remotely) managed, highly available firewalls for any business.

The trouble with firewalls is that they are yet another system that needs managing, and often this isn't done as well as it could be. Problems with getting data across a firewall sometimes mean a big hole is punched through the wall, and then, worse still, no one remembers to plug it up when it is not needed. Often high staff turnover exacerbates this problem.

With our system you can leave it all to us - software upgrades even hardware failures. Our firewall is in fact two firewalls and if one breaks you will still be protected, and are unlikely to notice till we come to you to arrange a time to replace the broken bit.

We normally supply you with reports of attempted security breaches and perform regular penetration tests.


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