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Honey de Lacey Honey de Lacey is an artist specialising in conté and pastel portraits.

X1 & X0 Dinghy The X1 & X0 are the newest performance racing dinghies. The site is much praised for its clarity, photos and video that I am particularly proud of. There is also a German version

Linden House Charming Riverside Venue. Aimed at increasing commercial room hire. Great content has already fueled a deal of customer interest. Another content managed site.

...many more Live Client Websites
Does your website work for you?

These days everybody has a clever website that looks great and works - or do they? There are certainly good websites out there, but our own experience tells us these are not common. Speed, design and graphics are what seems to be the issue, but really we need to look more closely at whether the site is effective, what are the goals and are they being met. Ultimately - is it making a positive contribution to profit! See some of my thoughts on effective websites and examine what your website is all about.

Just starting?

You know you need a web presence, this is a great opportunity to enhance your business, but all is not so clear. I can help you go through some of the key elements of success on the web and come up with a solution that fits your need. Tips on finding websites and new names.

Will customers find me?
Invisible man

Most websites, are like a giant plasma display advert located behind the bins in the darkest alleyway in a town far far away. Search engine optimization and other marketing methods are essential if you want to be found. I have proven I can put businesses ahead of their competition. Start-ups article: Firms invisible to online shoppers.

Are you normal?

Everybody is different and needs the right solution to suit - far too many websites look and work just the same irrespective of the business behind them. I can help discover what will work for you and make it evolve as your business does. Sometimes this means open and lateral thinking, trying out stuff none of us have thought of before and sometimes we have to be pragmatic, clear and simple (I am a great fan of KISS - keep it simple stupid!)


There is still a lot of mystery, confusion, jargon and TLAs (three letter acronyms) in this industry, one of my aims is to demystify the web for you. Most of this stuff is simple and easy, don't be afraid!

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News: Cool Logistics '09 live in one week
 Urgent requirement to go live easily met with the help of the LGO CMS. The client was delighted how easy it was to get the CMS to doe everything they wanted.
News: Kids Kidney Research (Now with Forums)

"...(we) would like to thank you for creating such a wonderful website... ...We find it easy to administer... ...hugely positive impact on a charity run by volunteers..." - Liz Sutherland, July 2008

News: Early Trulli Bookings has taken many bookings in the first few weeks, before the property has even been completed.

News: Feedback from LGO Clients

I am bowled over with the response from users of the site - an astonishing amount of money was taken on-line in first two weeks of launch of their event booking system.

What can I do for you?

I can help you get to grips with this not quite so new media, sort out what it is you want to achieve and make it happen. This can range from vision and strategic planning through design, build, marketing to evolution, management and maintenance.

Content Management

Recently I have had great success using the LGO Content Management system. This allows clients the ability to maintain all or parts of their website. It has many powerful features, including search engine visibility, but remains easy to use. Can be configured for multiple users with different editing authorities.


I believe one of the fundamentals of any web presence is to be up to date - constant vigilance, management and continued development should be a key part of your plan.


I recomend never releasing an email address on a website. I recomend a simple form on your website with a random security image, this has so far stopped all automated form fillers.

Kidney Research

Kidney Research I am proud to support a very worthy cause by building the Kids Kidney Research charities new website:

Kids Kidney Research (also known as Kidney Research or KRAF) raises money to fund research into children's kidney diseases. Great Ormond Street Hospital's paediatric renal unit is one beneficiary.

They would appreciate your support perhaps you can help spread the word, maybe by linking to them.


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